1914 (TAHGC)
1914 : Glory's End (Command XTR)
1914 : Opening Moves (Minden Games)
1918 (S&T 223)
1918 (SPI)
1918 : Storm in the West (Command XTR)
Ace of Aces (Nova)
Aces High / American Aces (3W)
Across the Piave (MDG)
All Quiet on the Western Front? (MiH)
Allenby's Blitzkrieg (Schutze Games)
Big Push, The (ATO #11)
Black day of the German Army Pacific Rim
Blood on the Tigris (S&T 176)
Blue Max (GDW)
Brawling Battleships
Castles of Steel
Clash of Empires (MDG)
Clash of Giants (GMT Games)
Clash of Giants II (GMT Games)
Dawn Patrol
Death in the Trenches: The Great War, 1914-1918 (Schutze Games)
Death of Empires (CoA)
Der Weltkrieg (SPW)

Distant Foreign Fields - The Great War 1914-1918 (Grenier Games)
Dogfight (Old American Heritage)
Dreadnought (SPI)
Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers
Drive on Paris (The Gamers)
Fatal Alliances (ADG)
Fear God and Dread Nought (COA)
Flying Circus (SPI)
Gallipoli (Paper Wars)
Grand Fleet
Grand Illusion: The 1914 Campaign in The West (GMT Games)
Great War at Sea (Avalanche Press)
Great War in Europe (XTR)
Great War in the East (DG, S&T 192)
Hamel 1918 by Schutze Games
In Flanders Fields (MiH)
Jutland (AH)
Kaiserschlacht (S&G)
Knights of the Air (AH)
La Bataille de la Marne (Jeux Descartes)

La Grande Guerre (Azur Wish Editions)
Landships! (Clash of Arms) (extensions : Infernal Machines et Real Weapon)
Lawrence of Arabia (3W)
Les Ailes de la Gloire (Oriflam)

Lodz 1914 (MiH)
Lost Battalion: The Meuse-Argonne Offensive (S&T 217)
No Prisoners: The Campaigns of Lawrence of Arabia, 1915-18
Old Contemptibles (The): Battle of Mons (The), 1914
Operation Michael (The Gamers)
Over the Top (DG)
Paths of Glory: The First World War (GMT)
Pax Britannica (Avalon Hill/Victory Games)

Red Sun Rising (SPI)
Reinforce the Right! (S&T)

Richtofen's War (AH)
Royal Tank Corps (MiH et Japan Command)
Rossyïa 1917 (Azur Wish Editions)

Sideshow (SPI S&T)
Soldiers (SPI 1972)
Storm of Steel (DG)
The Balkan Wars 1913 (S&T 164)
The Cossacks Are Coming! (PWG/BRO Games)
The First World War (Phalanx Games)
The Great War (GR/D)
The Great War in the East (SPI)
The Great War Tactical Combat System (Khyber Pass Games)
The Guns of August (TAHGC)
The Kaiser's Battle (S&T 83)
The Marne (SPI)
The Nine Navies War: Strategic Alt. Hist. WW1 BB War
The Tide at Sunrise (MMP)
The War to End All Wars (Guild of Blades)
To The Green Fields Beyond (SPI)
To the Last Man: Great War in the West (Compass Games)
Trench foot
Twilight in the East (GMT)
Twilight of the Hapsburgs (S&T 204)
Twilight of the Ottomans
Verdun by John Hill (Conflict/CSU) and Marc Miller (GDW)
Vimy Ridge (MDG)
War to end wars (3W)
When Eagles Fight (Command, XTR)
Wings (Yaquinto )
Wings of War (Nexus Games)
Wings Over France (Lambourne Games)
World War I 1914-1918 (DG)
World War I module (SPI)
Zeppelin (S&T)

Zeppelin, Rigid Airship, and Dirigible Air War Games

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